• Maximum Brightness of 800 Lumens
  • Maximum Beam Distance of 210m
  • Maximum Intensity of 11,100 Candelas

Strobe Ready Button

All metal construction button for direct access to Strobe mode in any state.

Ultimate One-Handed Operation

Strobe Ready has two models of operation:

  • Press and hold in any state to enter strobe mode
  • Press when the light is on to select a desired brightness level

Three Individual Settings for Different Needs

When the light is off, loosen and tighten the torch head with the STROBE READY pressed to select a desired mode. Once the bezel has been tightened, the P20UV will indicate a mode has been selected:

  • One flash for Tactical Mode
  • Two flashes for Law Enforcement Mode
  • Three flashes for General Mode

Tactical Mode

Straightforwardly built for self-defense and fighting in dark environments. This setting provides only Strobe mode and turbo output.

Law Enforcement Mode

Ideal for patrol duty applications. This setting offers turbo and low outputs apart from Strobe mode, a perfect combination of optimal performance and prolonged runtime.

General Mode

Ideal for everyday use. Besides Strobe mode, it comprised of turbo, medium, low and ultraviolet outputs. General mode provide an intelligent memory function to ensure direct access to the setting last used when reactivated.

Anti-Rolling Bezel Design

Featuring a thoughtful anti-rolling bezel design to provide a firm grip

Standard Size Crenated Bezel

Standard 31.8mm (1 ΒΌ inches) crenated bezel works with accessories of all types

Also features advanced optics technology for extreme reflector performance

NTH30B Flashlight Holster

Power Indicators on the Tail

  • Compact design and smooth contour ensure a quick draw
  • 360 degree rotatable to lighten peripheral vision
  • Work with tactical lanyards to enable hands free operation
  • Extra battery compartment to carry backup batteries
  • Three flashes: Power levels above 50%
  • Two flashes: Power levels below 50%
  • One flash: battery power close to depletion

Runs on One 18650 Li-ion Battery or Two CR123 Batteries

The NBM1618 battery magazine securely holds two CR123 batteries thus increasing electrical conductivity and reliability by preventing battery movement.

Quality Controlled and Unique Serial Number

Every P20 unit is carefully inspected for quality before leaving the factory and also has a unique serial number laser-etched into its body making counterfeits and thing of the past.

For All-Weather Operations

Waterproof in accordance with IPX-8 (two meters submersible)


Barcode # 6952506401291