• Maximum Brightness of 2800 Lumens
  • Maximum Beam Distance of 289m
  • Maximum Intensity of 21000 Candelas

Compact and Powerful

The TM03 integrates two main components: CREE XHP70 LED and one 18650 battery, ensuring it has the standard size of any 1x18650 torch and yet packs a lot more power, woth brightness as high as 2800 lumens.

Instant Burst with Suppressing Light

Press and hold the Mode switch to deliver suppressing light of 2800lms, enabling you to identify, stop and blind an imminent attacker, making time and distance for you to adjust tactics.

The Patented Mode Switch Allows for Switching to the Strobe Ready Mode

In this mode, press and hold the Mode switch to enter Strobe mode. The TM03 will produce extremely bright and high frequency strobe lighting to blind and disorient an aggressor, making it ideal for self-defense, fighting in no light and other tactical scenarios.

Specially designed extremely deep OP reflector drastically increases reflection efficiency, beam distance and lighting uniformity, enabling the users to see further with greater visual comfort.

Four Brightness Levels of TM03

  • 2800 Lumen - Turbo
  • 1350 Lumen - High
  • 550 Lumen - Mid
  • 40 Lumen - Low

Powered by One Dedicated 18650 Battery

The included battery is specially made for the TM03 and is capable of giving high output power to drive the LED to the fullest instantly. It incorporates a protection module, this taking safely issues out of concern.

The battery can be charged by almost all smart chargers on the market, making it extremely convenient to use.

Temperature Regulation

The TM03 features temperature regulation and protection. It is able to detect body temperature and accordingly adjust its output performance at real time.

Battery Power Indicating Functionality

Upon battery installation, the red power indicator LED built in the tail switch will blink to indicate battery power levels by various patterns:

  • Three blinks indicate power levels are above 50%
  • Two blinks indicate power levels are below 50%
  • One blink indicate power levels are below 10%

Waterproof in Accordance with IPX-8

Two meters submersible


Barcode # 6952506402250
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